Bullying is a Community Issue Day!

This day will focus on the main message that. "Bullying is a community issue!" and that while schools are a very important part of finding solutions to bullying, they can't do it alone. Bullying happens to pre-schoolers, to adults in the workplace, in government, our legal system, in the media we connect with and even to our senior citizens. We need to talk about bullying as a community health and wellness issue in addition to the traditional focus as an education issues.

Possible Day Plan Example:

Plenary / Keynote address:

  • Invite the mayor. community leaders, local celebrities and the local media to come for a panel discussion about the topic: "Bullying as a Community Issue"

Workshop activities:

  • Establish a youth advisory and leadership group with local school administration and local community leaders


  • Celebrate the day's learning with the sharing of creative contributions from school and community participants.
  • Ask your Mayor and Town Council to Officially Recognize Bullying Awareness Week and proclaim your community as "Striving to be Bully-free"
  • Celebrate the day's learning with the sharing of creative contributions from school and community participants.
  • Honour a commuinty member or leader who is helping to make a difference for others in your school or community

Community Support:

Official Declarations of Support and Community Action:

(Then) Mayor Judy Stewart offically proclaims the Town of Cochrane's suppport for Bullying Awareness Week.

This is what one family did to raise awareness about the issue of bullying in their community on Halloween in a fun, creative, yet serious way!


Community Forum:

What’s Wrong With Being Polite?
A forum on bullying in the primary schools.


Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

1:00 P.M. – 2:15 P.M.

Come join us to learn the legal consequences of bullying in the primary schools.

Keynote speaker:

Honourable Justice Lloyd Dean.


- Constable Ann Hall, Youth Branch of Windsor Police.

- Vickie Koumar, Supervisor of Social Worker and Attendance Counsellor of GECDSB.

- Session of Questions and Answers.

For more information contact Angela Ventura, Paralegal Student at St. Clair College:

E-mail: angela.ventura007@yahoo.ca

Or call (519) 250-4830

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